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“Well, what a year it has been for everyone in the arts. I don’t think we need to state just how tough it has been for us all!”
So, we all need some good news, and something to get really excited about, and the team at Global Motion are planning just that. Global Motion is the brainchild of Choreographers, Dance Teachers, Event Organisers and Digital Media experts, all coming together to give dancers across the globe something new, exciting and ambitious. Three months in the planning and we launch today, 28th October 2020. Here is Aaron being interviewed by Kelly and telling us what the Global Motion competition is about…
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the ideas and opportunities of the global motion dance competition

Aaron Dwyer, the co-founder of Global Motion is being interviewed by Kelly about his ideas around Global Motion and why it has been created to get kids back dancing and enjoying their creativity once again. The exciting competition is part of a global digital experience which will engage with all ages from around the world and with industry expert feedback, it will also help them develop their dance skills.

Lean more about the Global Motion dance and vocal competition

On 28th October we launched our global competition with a massive £20,000 prize fund available for winners. Preliminary rounds starting in January, and finals arriving in Spring/Summer. The winners having the opportunity to dance and perform on a London West End Stage.

We have also launched our fabulous partnership with the Ratchet clothing brand and have some incredible merchandise for you to explore.

However, and this is a big however… there is a huge amount more we are doing with Global Motion and we cannot wait to make further announcements. One incredibly important announcement we can state now is our partnership with the Mental Health charity MIND. We will be donating a percentage of ticket sales to this fabulous and so poignant charity given the recent events.

We will also be dedicating one key and very important element of our activity, purely to wellbeing. GM’U’ will be about your stories of how you have overcome this difficult year and providing support for everyone across the industry.

It is so important that everyone in dance and arts comes together and supports one another. After all, we are all in it together, and we need each other.

We need you to join us and become part of this incredible movement, and indeed, for you to get ‘moving one step at a time’.

Unlike most competitions, our digital channel version will have audio feedback, and it allows everyone to remain safe.


Global Motion Merchandise

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