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Impact of the pandemic on dance and the arts

Impact of the pandemic on dance and the arts

Impact of the pandemic on dance and the arts

The impact of the pandemic on the dance and broader arts community

2020 is most definitely a year for all of us to respect and maybe forget. It is a year where mental health, anxiety and fear has prevailed and will have unfortunate long-lasting effects for many of us in the dance industry.

Professional dancers haven’t danced on a stage for months, and everyone in the arts is still very much locked-down and unable to perform in front of the appreciative British and broader global audience. Many have used digital channels to provide performances and given their time to entertain many of us. Still, the loss of a genuine income and the subsequent anxiety and mental health fall out is massively concerning for the arts industry. At Global Motion, we felt we needed to do something in a small way to help.

Raising that awareness, providing help and expert advice!

With our Global Motion planning now firmly underway and an anticipated launch in just a few months, wellbeing has been at the top of our agenda. We really want this event to be majoring on the impact of the virus on our beloved industry and positively demonstrate why dance is such a positive where mental health and wellbeing is concerned.

One Global Motion channel of the five being streamed will focus on mental health.  It will tell the stories of those who have been affected by the events of 2020. It will include individuals from the celebrity world, dance professionals, teachers and experts in mental health giving their stories and advice on how they have coped, helped others to manage and the effects this year has had on them personally. We are still actively under the spell of the virus, but we all must start talking about mental health. Us all in society need to do so.

We will also talk about the positive aspects of dance and exercise on mental health. Global Motion will ask the experts on their views and opinions on how dance can be a positive influence on wellbeing, reducing anxiety and building confidence and sense of self-worth.

Let’s start the conversation

In the professional dance world, confidence has taken a battering, and it is so crucial for experts and professionals to come together and talk about this. Human interaction and support are the defining moments for us all and will be whilst this virus continues to take its toll.

Now is the time to act, and we hope everyone in the arts industry and beyond will help to raise awareness and bring their positivity, expertise and optimism to our exciting event. Our vision at Global Motion is to make this event into a concrete pillar of hope to help us all.

That is our plan, and we would love to hear from anyone who can share their story and contribute!