Global Motion Events

So, you wanna dance?

So, you wanna dance?

So, you wanna dance, but where do you wanna dance?

At Global Motion Events, we have no doubt that all the entries into the Global Motion competition will wow the audience and make them gasp with delight at the skills, technique and determination of the dancers. It really is going to be an extravaganza of dance for everyone tuning in to enjoy. However, we have a rather interesting additional competition for all our contestants to consider.

The setting, the location, the storyline and the event is what dance is all about. On every west end stage, dancers are not just following a choreographed routine, they are acting and performing to the storyline. Every genre, routine, and movement is meticulously thought out to provide a discerning wide-eyed audience with wonder and intrigue. Performance is about the emotions you can transcend as a dancer, and making the audience feel part of every twist and turn and become thoroughly embedded in that moment and story.

‘So, we thought we should make your work little harder, but also have a huge amount of fun in doing so!’

Location, location, location

Why not make your competition entry that much more special?

Part of the competition will include an award for the most incredible, amazing, innovative or unusual location you choose to record your entry to the competition. That could be filming on the Brooklyn Bridge from our overseas entries, or recording in front of a city centre iconic landmark, our judges will look for incredible invention. How you dress, choreograph your routine and build that relationship with your location will demonstrate your theatrical creativity, and this deserves an independent award.

The ‘Location, Location, Location Award’ is an exciting and unusual addition to the competition, and something we believe hasn’t been done before. This is your chance to be inventive, not just with your routine but also from where you choose to deliver that routine.

Our judges will be tasked with voting for an independent award which is purely focused on the creativity of a chosen unique location.

It is your chance to take your routine to an innovative and unusual stage near you.

The featured video of Aaron Dwyer’s award-winning dance company will hopefully give you some ideas on what you can achieve.