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Events and public performances might be on hold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do what you love... compete, perform, shine!

Why Global Motion? Taking class, opportunities to perform and compete have been taken away from us for a while. This means it is harder for us to do what we love, perform! We would also usually be looking forward to the biggest events in the dance calendar. Yes, these are on hold for a while but Global Motion has come to life, so that you can too. You can now be a part of something new, creative, exciting and most of all, challenging. Get your dancing shoes on, your creative juices flowing and your competitive side out. It’s time to compete to win awards, scholarships cash prizes and products from your favourite dance brands.

Global Motion is an international dance and vocal competition taking the world by storm. Our goal is to keep the world moving one step at a time…

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Hear from one of the Global Motion co-founders why this competition is needed in today's climate

Aaron Dwyer, the co-founder of Global Motion is being interviewed by Kelly about his ideas around Global Motion and why it has been created to provide dancers an opportunity to compete and perform again. The exciting competition is part of a global digital experience which will engage with all ages from around the world.

The global motion competition will provide audio feedback to dancers, and a chance to win cash prizes

Feedback is a valuable part of a dance competition that allows the industry to give something back to the dancer. As part of an entry with Global Motion the dancer will all receive audio feedback from an industry professional which gives those dancers recognition of the areas that they performed well and vital tips on how to improve in the future.


Saturday 27th-28th March 2021.
Where: The Global Motion website and YouTube

Entry Deadline:
12th March 2021

We have a full information pack that details everything you need to know...


To be announced after the preliminaries Your chance to win clothes, masterclasses and scholarships
Where: Broadcasted on the Global Motion website and YouTube


Your chance to win huge cash prizes from a £20k PRIZE FUND
You can also win clothes, masterclasses and scholarships

Perform on a West End stage

Free Jazz & Tech with
Aaron Dwyer

1 Hour Session


GM connect, lets take about dance colleges and brands. 

Global Competition time to represent your country

Entries from around the world

We have an amazing competition with entrants coming from around the world. Whatever your dance genre preference, don't forget to enter.
receive audio feedback

Feedback from the experts

The Global Motion competition will help you develop your dance skills, providing feedback from industry professionals
Get noticed and seen by talent scouts

Put your talent on show!

Talent scouts will be watching the Global Motion competition for new talent. Don't miss out on the opportunity to show yours!
win medals
& awards

Lots of prizes and awards

The finals will see lots of kids winning medals and awards for their hard work and endeavours.

The chance to win scholarships

This is your chance to be seen if you want to earn a scholarship at the leading dance colleges from around the world.
location location location

Be creative with your location

This is your chance to win our unique prize for the most innovative location for your routine. Where are you going to choose?
win big
cash prizes

A huge prize fund available

The Global Motion competition has a huge prize fund available for solo, due, trio and groups.
Perform on a west end stage

The West End stage awaits

An exciting and famous venue for those that get through to the finals. An opportunity to reward your hard work.


Introducing our global motion ambassadors

Congratulations Nimmy!

We love your passion and determination and warmly welcome you to the Global Motion Family.

Congratulations CJ!

We love your determination CJ and are very excited to welcome you to the Global Motion family.

Congratulations Zaylie!

we’re very excited your one of our ambassadors and welcome you to the Global Motion family.

Congratulations Julia!
(model for our merchandise)

We’re super excited to welcome you to the ambassador team.


Global Motion Merchandise

Clothing from 
T-shirts joggers, hoodies
and much more.

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